Who are we?


WE are a Pakistani chain, based on the principal, “LIVING RIGHT” that ensures Wholesome, Healthy and Fresh Fruit Juices, Shakes, Smoothies, perfectly prepared to punch a breeze of wholesome Freshness and Goodness that nature has to offer into your body. We strive not only to cater for your taste buds, as to produce tasty treats for you to enjoy but cater for your health and your body requirements. We would as a whole JUICE UP your life to its full. Though we are just born but our ambition is to take our prestigious brand Global. We have set out to nourish the World.


We carefully select each fruit individually by hand, we only go for best so that we can serve you the best. Once in our washing facility, human skin contact is no more a luxury that we cannot at all afford. Our efficient staff with gloves washes the fruit not with ordinary water but with filtered and purified water. It is then packed in dust proof, air tight containers made from food grade materials and transported to our Outlets, so that when you order we don’t serve you already prepared and preserved Juice or Shake rather make it then and there, in front of you. We shall only serve you with the Juice and Shakes of the fruit available in the market and of that season only.


We believe and uphold our motto of LIVING RIGHT, on every step of our operations.


Come and join us and let us make this chain grow strong and

let us all be a part of this never ending story.team